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So I really like Lorde a lot.

I like her style and the fact her parents (one of which is a published poet) taught her to think for herself. I also find it interesting on how she appears to have a wee obsession with royalty, regalia and history of various monarchs. When asked what her favourite royal story was, she replied that the shooting of the Romanov family was. Her lyrics are fresh and sort of remind me of some of my Rock heroes like Patti Smith. In fact, I’d love seeing Lorde sing Patti’s song “Pissing in a River” (see below)

In case you live on Mars and haven’t heard any Lorde yet, here ya go:

Who That Makes Ya Go Hmmmmm!

My Silence Conspiracy Theory Suspicion

Anyone notice how much the Capaldi Doctor looks a bit like one of the Silence??








Clearly something is amiss.. Look at his ‘intro’ closer. He even moves like a Silence! Anyway, I wrote a poem/did some artwork concerning my theory suspicions…..









EOT (for now)


2013 can go now……

So it hasn’t been a stellar 2013. I spent most of the unemployed, and just when I thought I got my dream job the job where I can use my experience in technical support, Internet and telephone all the above plus more basically, I get it only to lose it within two months. It  really sucks because I really felt like it was the perfect job for me but I guess working the past seven years as IT for a smaller company well, I guess I wasn’t ready for big corporate call center environment. It was really overwhelming as there were books, databases software just volumes of information to learn ( and I mean to like grade A proficiency in a very short span of time )…

Like LORDE sings, “It’s not easy getting old“.. lol Not that she has any clue what being 52, losing eyesight to cataracts, and no insurance is like, but still every age has its pains, I suppose. :/

I am glad the Christmas is coming up even though I’m single and don’t have any kids I got my roommates daughter that I’ve known since she was 4 years old and now she’s 12. I got her a purple guitar, an mp3 player for the music I’ve got her listening to Evanescence, LORDE, Lily Allen (some) and of course she likes listening to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez but not Justin (Boring) or Miley (Tart) (score!!) Guess I can’t totally dominate the kid’s culture, she’s already a geeky alt-music fangirl because of me….heh.

Here is her latest picture at a regular Tuesday night Doctor Who Munch :

Photo: Dalton from the Doctor Who viewing Tuesday night. :)
Anyway, more later…… Sorry it was so long since my last post, I was really busy working my ass off for the job that I ended up losing anyway… bleah.

Me and the 7th Doctor

Me and the 7th Doctor

Went to a Doctor convention in August and meet my favourite doctor, Sylvester McCoy, who thou may also know from the Hobbit.

Bye Bye Doctor Who. Hello Doctor Her?

So it’s finally official. Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who and his last official episode will be the Christmas 2013 one.

For those of you who don’t know what type of Whovian I am, I would like to think I am old school. Like refusing to call this series 7 rather than 34.

A couple other things I have always stood by is that the actor who plays the Doctor must be from the UK (to me that means: English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh) and must  be a bloke. I know many who are calling for an older Doctor, a black Doctor and that’s always been all fine and dandy to me, as long as he’s a HE. I think however, something has happened that has changed me on some of this…. I’ll get to that in a moment though.

I have an idea in my mind of how I would like to see the next, the 12th Doctor. It’s odd since he’s young still, maybe even more so than Matt in the looks department. But again this is more about the style/look than any actual actor.

So without further adieu, my nomination for (Male!) Doctor Who #12

Jamie Campbell-Bower


Jamie Campbell-Bower just seems to have the mad Einstein look going on in one picture, the history thing in another and as you can see he can open his mouth as wide (if not wider) in wild excitement as Matt Smith! *grin* – I like his look/style very much. I can see him now….Wut? STILL not ginger.. and Blonde! Good lord!


Although I never imagined I would say this…. IF (mind you I said *IF*) there was to be a Female Doctor…… I find I may quite enjoy this brilliantly talented woman in the role::

Jaime Murray

I have begun to really adore Jaime Murray, especially her portrayal of HG Wells in Warehouse 13! I think this could be rather amusing especially if she found after her regeneration that she couldn’t remember a bloody thing at all, name, species, companion, why she’s got such an awfully coloured bow-tie on???? Who wears an eggplant bow tie and matching trench coat in this day and age anyway???

Might be amusing! Do you have a candidate in mind?

UNknown Talent  Vs.  UNeducated Viewers

Most folks don’t know this but one of my biggest pet peeves is reading posts/articles etc. where Americans attribute “unknown actor” status to established UK or Canadian actors merely because they’ve not been seen on American Television.

Let’s take Game of Thrones for instance:

I have heard the following actors called “new” or “unknown” when most of them have massive amounts of on-screen (not even mentioning theatre credit) experience ‘under their belt’, so to speak.

Joe Dempsie (Gendry) & Hannah Murray (Gilly) are both of the first cast of Skins UK fame which won them an *NTA.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Jojen Reed) is not only the voice of Ferb (from Phineas and Ferb) but also spoke one of the more quotable lines from Doctor Who when he starred as young Tim Latimer in both episodes “Family of Blood” and “Human Nature“.

Iain Glen (Ser Jorah Mormont) starred alongside Matt Smith and Alex Kingston in Doctor Who as Father Octavian (River Song’s jailer) as well as in UK series such as MI-5 and Downton Abbey.

Aidan Gillen (Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish) is famous for being in the original Queer as Folk UK TV series as well as the acclaimed mini series “Love/Hate” which was a poignant story about Dublin’s criminal underworld.

I’m sure there are tons of other examples (i.e. Carey Mulligan, Jamie 
Murraywith other TV shows and movies but this was the one that started the rant so there you have it, my two pence! Your KM may vary! :)

He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe and… he’s wonderful.” - Tim Latimer’s description of The Doctor

*National Television Awards

ATTN All Whovians: It is NOT the same car!

I have heard much speculation as to the car that almost ran down Clara’s future father as being the same one that hit Rose’s Father in Father’s Day. This is false, See attached pic.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

One of my favourite poets is Michael Hartnett. I admire more than just his poetry though. He was a man of and for Ireland. He loved his country and he made a pledge to ONLY communicate in Irish and during that time all his works were published in his mother tongue. I’m going to start with my all time favourite of his.

That Actor Kiss

I kissed my father as he lay in bed
in the ward. Nurses walked on soles of sleep
and old men argued with themselves all day.
The seven decades locked inside his head
congealed into a timeless leaking heap,
the painter lost his sense of all but grey.
That actor kiss fell down a shaft too deep
to send back echoes that I would have prized—
‘29 was’ 41 was ‘84,
all one in his kaleidoscopic eyes
(he willed to me his bitterness and thirst,
his cold ability to close a door).
Later, over a drink, I realised
that was our last kiss and, alas, our first.

Poet Michael Hartnett pictured on the banks of the River Arra in Newcastle West in May 1975

Photo of Michael Hartnett – Poet


Two things to know before reading this next poem. 1. Michael lived with his grandmother during his childhood. 2. When Michael related the story of the Wrens landing around his neck/upper chest area, his grandmother replied, “Oh you’ll be a point then. He was 6 or 7 at that time and wrote his first poem 8 years later, the rest being history. :)

A Necklace of Wrens

When I was very young
    I found a nest
Its chirping young
     were fully fledged.

They rose and re-alighted
    around my neck,
Made in the wet meadow
     a feather necklet.

To them I was not human
    but a stone or tree:
I felt a sharp wonder
     they could not feel.

That was when the craft came
    which demands respect.
Their talons left on me
    scars not healed yet.

This next poem Michael wrote for his daughter, Lara when she was but 10 years old.

Poem for Lara, 10

An ash-tree on fire
the hair of your head
coaxing larks
with your sweet voice
in the green grass,
a crowd of daisies
playing with you
a crowd of rabbits
dancing with you
the blackbird
with its gold bill
is a jewel for you
the goldfinch
with its sweetness
is your music.
You are perfume,
you are honey, a wild strawberry:
even the bees think you
a flower in the field.
Little queen of the land of books,
may you always be thus
may you ever be free
from sorrow-chains.

Here’s my blessing for you, girl,
and it is no petty grace –
may you have the beauty of your mother’s soul
and the beauty of her face.

The following poem was written about his love for his grandmother:

Death of an Irishwoman

Ignorant, in the sense
she ate monotonous food
and thought the world was flat,
and pagan, in the sense
she knew the things that moved
all night were neither dogs or cats
but hobgoblin and darkfaced men
she nevertheless had fierce pride.
But sentenced in the end
to eat thin diminishing porridge
in a stone-cold kitchen
she clenched her brittle hands
around a world
she could not understand.
I loved her from the day she died.

She was a summer dance at the crossroads.
She was a cardgame where a nose was broken.
She was a song that nobody sings.
She was a house ransacked by soldiers.
She was a language seldom spoken.
She was a child’s purse, full of useless things.

There you have it! Four great poems from a true son of Ireland!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!!



So how about that Super Bowl???



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